The Original Creative Lifestyle Brand Est.2002


"Index Ink is creativity in it's rawest form.  More than just a label, we are a creative arts foundation set on empowering the youth of today.

Index Ink draws it's roots from Art, Skating, Riding, Music and Pop Culture connecting those who see and share our vision.  Most importantly, united by creativity for life.”


The Back Story…

The idea came about somewhere on the East Coast in the early to mid 90’s. Index Ink was born, at least in theory. The name was scribbled on notebooks, back packs, the griptape on our skateboards and so on. Basically anywhere we could and sometimes couldn’t the Index Ink name found its way. We were forming a company with ideas, artist and friends about just hanging out and having fun. We’d experiment in the basement with a screen printing kit from the local art store, cutting film with exacto knives while Punk Rock blared on the stereo fueling our desires. Post office shipping supplies were borrowed to make our own custom stickers and in between jam sessions ideas would be doodled into our blackbooks. We had laid down the basic groundwork for what would years later become a reality.

Around 2002…

Nearly a decade later the opportunity shined and with the help and support of friends and family, Index Ink was real. We catered to what we love and still do. Art, Skateboarding, BMX, Music and pop culture fuel the ideas and sleepless nights. Over the years we’ve come from an underground subculture to a worldwide brand that shouts “Creative Lifestyle”. Our mix of art, fashion and function paired with first class quality has given us the staying power to follow our dream “Uniting Creativity Worldwide”. The Collections (Premium Tees, Denim, Fleece, Button Ups, Hats, Accessories, Limited Editions, Street wear) we produce offer a good mix of raw artistic energy with a clean styled fit. It’s the life we love to live.